• Covertax has always had a severe weather policy which, simply stated, is that we do not wish any of our team members putting themselves at risk during severe weather or travel disruption.
  • If the authorities recommend that you only travel if absolutely necessary, or that you stay off the roads, then stay off the roads. Keep yourself safe and secure.  You are no use to your family or our clients if you wrap your car round a tree.  And looking wider, we do not wish you to put others at risk either.
  • If the travel warning is not there, but you feel concerned about travelling then either: –
    1. don’t travel; or
    2. use public transport.
  • This policy also applies when there is travel disruption, including, but not exclusively: –
    1. road accidents en route
    2. train or plane delays or cancellations.
  • If you have started a journey and your judgement indicates that it is better to abandon it – abandon the trip if it is safe to do so. If that means checking into a hotel, then do so.  Apart from the risks represented by the stress that travel disruption causes our team members, wasting time sat in a car or on a station platform is not how we wish to do business.
  • Similarly, if you have a health problem and it is likely to be exacerbated by, for example, heat, cold or pollution, then please stay safe.
  • If you have a client or HMRC meeting or even an ADR meeting or Tribunal, then please seek to postpone it. Please provide the client and/or HMRC and/or the Tribunal with a copy of this policy either at the time or when you can next safely do so.  If there is a risk of travel disruption when you arrange your appointment, please provide the client and/or HMRC and/or the Tribunal with a copy of this policy then.
  • Consider using Skype or another video or conference product to have your meeting instead. We all have Skype through our Windows 365 software as well as telephone conferencing software.  If the people you are due to meet are unwilling or unable to use video or telephone meeting, then please rearrange the meeting for when it is safe to do so.
  • Team meetings or other internal meetings will be cancelled and rearranged.
  • But, this is not a day off. We all work from home as it is, so please do so.  Naturally if communications are affected that will be difficult, but there will be things you can still do.
  • For external parties, please accept our apologies if our standards are different to yours. But having safe and fit team members is a key priority for Covertax.


9 December 2017