We advise on the UK tax implications of trading abroad.

We do not advise on the tax positions in foreign jurisdictions, but through our network we are usually able to introduce you to an adviser in most EU member states.

In our experience, the key issues you are likely to face are:

  • Determining when and how your exports of goods or services can be UK VAT free.
  • Identifying when you need to be VAT registered in another country, and registering where necessary
  • The implications of ‘triangular’ (and even more complex) chain transactions
  • Making sure that your records will stand up to scrutiny by HMRC. In our experience, more than 70% of businesses are non-compliant in some way.
  • Dealing with regimes such as Customs Warehousing in other EU member states
  • Ensuring that your invoices show the correct information, not just for UK purposes, but also when they are processed in another EU member state. (Incorrect or inadequate information on the invoice can hold up payment.)
  • Double taxation issues
  • Taxation of employees working abroad