Doing business differently

As a practice we have worked hard to move ourselves onto web based products so that our team can work anywhere with a decent Wi-Fi connection. We also like to think Covertax is well entrenched in 21st century values.
Our infrastructure means we all have access to video conferencing and telephone conferencing. We do not see these as a real substitute to meeting face to face, but there are times when it is a sensible solution.

Right now is one such example.

We are based in Coventry in the heart of the UK which is about to see its worst snowfall for thirty years. For those of you living outside the UK, you may wonder what the problem with a few centimetres of snow is, but we in the UK are just not set up to manage severe weather. Whilst the weather is a well know British obsession, extreme weather always seems to catch us by surprise – for example, there is no requirement or encouragement to have a set of winter tyres for our vehicles.

Accordingly, over the next few days we expect road closures, public transport disruption and also communications and power disruption.

We will continue to do business but all team members are encouraged not to put themselves or anyone else, including the emergency services, at risk. We all can and do work from home.
However, there may be some disruption to our service caused by power or communication failures, for which I am sorry.

We have added our Severe Weather Policy to our website so please feel free to read and share it.
The Severe Weather Policy include reference to team members who are vulnerable persons. We also apply it to our vulnerable clients – we do not wish to put them at risk.

Steve Botham