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Does my bum look big in this?

I am persistently asked two questions about Brexit by clients and advisers based outside the UK: what is going to happen and why did the UK electorate decide to leave the EU? These have become the impossible questions.  To my mind they stand alongside that question no husband can ever answer – “Does my bum […]

The Warwickshire Dylan

The village idiot is sat on his bench watching the traffic go by the duck pond when a rather super car glides up next to him.  The window slides down and out pops a chappie’s head. “I say, Dylan, do you know the way to Stratford?” The village idiot paused, thought.  And then thought some […]

Brexit – What about the people? All about social security (NIC)

Following her first article about Brexit and its effect on personal income tax, here is Melissa Dunkley’s second article in the series which looks at social security (what we call NIC in the UK).  Melissa’s company, MD Advisory Limited, is a specialist tax adviser, dealing with the tax and social security position for expatriates.  She […]

My crystal balls are useless

I collect glass balls – paperweights mainly.  Some are crystal, but they are totally ineffective when it comes to looking into the future.  Especially so when I am asked by clients trading internationally where the UK is headed with Brexit. March 2019 is not a long way away and in business planning terms 2021 is […]

Florence and the Magic Roundabout

I’m not talking about the Magic Roundabout, albeit there are similarities, as you will see, but the speech of the UK Prime Minister in Florence, Italy on Friday 22 September 2017. For our clients doing business in the EU there was some good news and a big lump of no news. Just to put this […]

Brexit – What about the people?

I asked  a colleague of mine, Melissa Dunkley, a simple (possibly stupid) question as to the impact of Brexit on the area of tax in which she specialises.  My ignorance was laid bare and a series of articles is the result.  This is the first. Melissa’s company, MD Advisory Limited, is a specialist tax adviser, […]

UK Tax Representatives – the current VAT regime

If you’re a Non Established Taxable Person making taxable supplies in the UK, you may be required to appoint a tax representative. NETP A Non-Established Taxable Person (NETP) is any person who isn’t normally resident in the UK, doesn’t have a UK establishment and, in the case of a company, isn’t incorporated in the UK. […]

Brexit and references to the CJEU

In a week where we are promised a position paper from the UK Government on the role of the Court of Justice following Brexit, I thought that the attached excellent technical article by Peter Mason (which some CIOT members will have seen) is worth an airing.  Peter identifies some issues which need to be resolved. […]

Brexit and Future Customs Arrangements

Thank you to Barbara Scott from Customs Associates for sharing this article with us. While we all welcome the paper on Future Customs Arrangements which, finally, tells us something about the Government’s thinking on how we might trade with EU member states once we have left the European Union, there are some major concerns and […]