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When is Brexit day now?

Who knows? I will try to be brief. In UK law Brexit day is 29 March 2019. It should be easy enough to change that date, but there would have to be the political will. I am not sure that there is definitely a majority for that. If changing the date can be agreed, then […]

Did you get a fine for sending your VAT return in late?

There is a form for claiming that you had a reasonable excuse. As a rule excuses such as “the dog ate my homework” do not tend to work. HMRC do sometimes behave strangely and in one notorious case decided that death was not a reasonable excuse – unsurprisingly the taxpayer won at Tribunal. With Making […]

Covertax’s partnership with VAT Forum

Covertax has been a partner in VAT forum for much of the last twenty years. It is through VAT Forum, and also our involvement with the International VAT Association, that we gain not only a knowledge of VAT in other countries, but more importantly an understanding as to how the law works. And we make […]

Covertax and vulnerable people

In addition to our vulnerable customers’ policy Covertax also has a Disability and Employment policy. This policy has some useful definitions as well as a link to the Equality Act 2010. HMRC is not exempt from this Act of parliament, but from our work with vulnerable people, we know that any training given by HMRC on […]

More and More Compliance

Like many professional practices we have spent much of the last few months dealing with various new compliance challenges. Our view is that we are compliant in the various regimes but thought it best to share with you what we have done and what we are still to do. Part of the work under GDPR […]

Cyber Blitz on UK Government?

We have been warned today of a potential cyber blitz being launched against the UK following the action it took in Syria.  The sources include the UK Foreign Secretary (Mr Johnson), as well as some more reliable sources such as the better quality newspapers. If you think the thought of a cyber blitz is science […]

Brexit: Suspensive regimes are going to be more important

I am going to start this article with a whacking great assumption.  And it is not that these regimes are going to become more important following Brexit, because that is an inevitable fact for managing Duty and VAT in the post-Brexit hinterland. Whacking Great Assumption No, the assumption is that the UK will not see […]

Brexit so far – I’m on Lucky 7

I will try to summarise the position on Brexit as I see it right now.  I’ll start by saying that some of it appears to be a game of chance leaving the future down to a turn of the roulette wheel as much as planning. Good news The latest agreement indicates that we have something […]