Nobody wants to take HMRC to court but sometimes litigation is the only recourse if agreement cannot be reached on a disputed issue. However, the willingness of a taxpayer to take their appeal before the Tax Tribunal has the effect of producing a compromise from HMRC in 44% of cases, provided the case is put carefully in the Notice of Appeal and subsequent contact with HMRC.

Why? It would be rare indeed for HMRC to take legal advice before the appeal stage. When it gets that far, HMRC is then likely not only to seek legal advice, but also to seek expert technical assistance. On one case we saved a client £1.3m at this stage.
Applications to the Tribunal for Closure Notices can also be very effective in bringing long drawn-out investigations to a close.
Every year we handle Tribunal cases on a wide range of tax issues including, VAT, PAYE, CIS and Income Tax. We also handle Closure Notice applications on investigation cases.

We are experts in all aspects of proceedings before the Tax Tribunal, including:

  • Case management
  • Directions hearings
  • Instruction of Counsel
  • Preparation of witness statements and evidence
  • Advocacy in appropriate cases

The advantages of using Covertax

Tribunal proceedings are legal proceedings. Very few general practice accountants have significant experience in this area as it is too rare. On the other hand,  solicitors, who are much more at home with legal proceedings, usually lack the tax expertise that is required to win the case. We have a rare combination of both skills as we are tax experts who specialise in litigation. We are therefore able to handle both the technical and the procedural aspects of your appeal under one roof, which delivers a more efficient and higher quality service to you.

Litigation can be very expensive. HMRC know this and use it as a tactic. They, after all, have very deep pockets. It is also essential that you do not compromise on quality, as you only get one chance to present your case to the Tribunal.
By choosing the Covertax team you will get a high-quality service from an experienced team.