HMRC issues over a million decisions and tax assessments every year, and more than 200,000 are appealed.

The vast majority of these appeals are settled by agreement and only a very small proportion are ultimately decided in the Tax Tribunal. Most HMRC decisions are appealable, but some decisions are not appealable and can only be challenged using other legal remedies.

At Covertax we can help you with all aspects of challenging HMRC decisions, whether they are appealable decisions or not.

Over the years we have handled thousands of disputes, from the smallest, up to £multi-million arguments.

In our experience, there isn’t usually one ‘magic bullet’ that wins the case. Success is mostly achieved by a combination of vital skills, including:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Inside knowledge of HMRC procedures
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Negotiation and persuasion skills
  • Sheer determination

Defence prior to the decision

The receipt of a decision from HMRC is rarely the starting point of the story – usually HMRC’s decision is made after or during some kind of investigation, inspection, or correspondence. We can help you with what to do if you have received a decision, but we are also experts in the defence of all types of tax inspection, investigation, or dispute.
The better the initial defence, the less likely you are to receive an unfavourable decision.

The Covertax approach to disputes with HMRC

In any dispute with HMRC the overall objective must always be to reach an acceptable outcome as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Litigation in the Tax Tribunal and Higher Courts should only ever be the last resort. At Covertax we aim to combine our technical expertise and experience with a pragmatic approach to achieve the best overall outcome for you, taking into account commercial and personal realities.

We can help with: